Submit up to 5 poems to be published online. 

We do not pay for online features.

Ends on $8.00

We are currently accepting submissions for the second issue of SPECTRA Poets, coming SPRING 2022.


  • Submit up to 3 poems per submission, no more than 10 pages in length.
  • Multiple submissions allowed. 
  • We're seeking poetry that can be felt, poetry that stretches language into and beyond a catalog of edges. Going by the philosophy 'Isn't everything poetry?,' there are no set themes, just send us your most spectacular work. Extra points for poetry that unveils aspects of reality/existence.
  • If you identify on a certain spectrum—be it neurological, cultural, social—and want to tell us about it, we provide [an optional] response in the submission to hear about it. 

** We pay $23/poem ($69/three) that appears in print and $0/poem published online. **

** If your poems are selected to appear in print, at least ONE will also be published online. **